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 Wow, been quite a while!
I'm sorry!
School and everything and I seemed to forget all about this site. D:
I'll try my best to keep up with this site again!

Anyway, doin' my laundry!
I'll post again later!


Better day today

I had a better day today.
But I've got to say I'm worried about a certain someone.
Okay, maybe more than one person, but...
I feel kinda useless in these situations I'm in.

I'm still drawing, I kinda got artist's block
But I'm gonna draw some yaoi!
I lurve yaoi...

Well, school was alright today.
I went to all my classes even though I kinda didn't check in my first class, almost making me absent.
But I'm glad my science teacher came down to the library like she did.

And second class was just like 3rd class and then lunch.
I was hoping to see my friend, but she didn't go in today, making me worry.
I've gotta call her...
Have a good day!


Today was a horrible day...

Ugh... What a day.
First I didn't get up fir st school because of an incident with the alarm clock...
And then if I miss another Metals class I'll have to re-take it! 

I'm so hopeless...
Aw, well, I'll have to try harder!
I'm so tired, that and my stomach hurts quite a bit.
I wish I hadn't eaten that KD.

Plus I have to go take a shower.
It's quite annoying...
I wanna cut my hair too...
So many things to do!!
I wish life were easier...
Esspecially in the fact of making decisions.

Also, I must draw yaoi!
Yesh... Gabriel and another man....
Who shall it be?
I must watch that movie again!
Hot damn!


I'm Back

Wow, I've been gone quite a long time... ^^''
Sorry about that.
But I'm back to post up pictures dA won't let me.
At least I'll try to get up some of those pictures. XD

Talk to you all later.



I woke up this morning with a sore throat, so I can barely talk at the moment. -_-

Plus, I finished my 2nd Clerks 2 Comic two days ago.
Finished the colouring yesterday, so I'm quite content with myself.
My Deviant Art account where you can find more of my work: http://Sanguinary12377.deviantart.com

Me and my sister are making a new club.
I didn't want to be apart of it in the first place, but she made me.
I don't mind it so much NOW, but I'm not really into it.

It's a Sonic Club.
You know, Sonic The Hedghog?
But it's a Sonic Couples Club.
Where you draw or write about your favourite Sonic couple from hetero, yaoi, to yuri.
We haven't made it yet, but it should be up soon by this weekend.
I'm also in the middle of making the welcome picture for it.
So once that gets up, I'll be an Admin along with my big sister.
So I hope this goes well.

Other than that, I've drawn more Clerks pictures.
One for my friend Cree-anna who I must quote, "Why do you always draw them dating?"
She was questioning my Randal and Elias picture.
She likes the Dante and Randal couple more.
I never knew until she borrowed my Yaoi manga that she liked Yaoi.
Weird how you find things out when your friends borrow books.
But I drew a picture with Randal and Dante for her.
It's a W.I.P. (Work In Progress) at the moment, but I will probably ink it and colour it.
I quite like it.
It was a sketch before, but turned into a good drawing.

I'll talk to you later.


Monday blues and comics.

It's monday.
How boring today is.
Not that I don't like mondays, but I'm really bored right now.

So here's some of my art:

One of my favouite yaoi slash couples

Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman, another fav slash couple

I'll post up more later.
I'm also doing commisions.
Any art you want done, just ask.
I don't ask for money, I just like to do art for people. XD

If you want to check out more art, go here: http://Sanguinary12377.deviantart.com